Terms and Conditions

FloorHacker and its affiliates reserve the right to cancel a survey service if surveyor determines that the place is in precarious, extremely unsanitary or unsafe condition or limit the survey to surrounding areas and mark such areas as inaccessible; if survey is cancelled a 20% will be retained from the payment to cover for traveling and time expenses

Appointment cancellation by customer:
Appointments may be cancelled up to 24 hours before the scheduled time; any cancellations within 24 prior to the scheduled time will be subject to a $200 surcharge

Service cancellation:
Service might be cancelled prior to commencement of site survey (refer to refund policy for details)
Additional fees and surcharges to be charge on method of payment:

All projects are subject to cost revision after survey and once plans reach completion, client agrees to pay for any additional costs generated by the revision and which relate to discrepancies in the square footage or misdirection in the complexity used to evaluate the cost of the project

Surveyor will wait up to 30 minutes after the scheduled time, if you do not show up within that time, your method of payment will be charged an additional $200 to compensate for the lost time and you must re-schedule other day and time

All spaces required to be surveyed must be accessible at all times, additional visits required due to not fault of surveyor will be charge at $200 per visit.

All additional charges must be paid in full prior to delivery of drawing files

We ask our clients to review this disclaimer prior to ordering a service with FloorHacker. Please feel free to contact us at surveys@FloorHacker.com if you wish to discuss our disclaimer in further detail as it relates to your particular project.

Exclusive for floor plan design services:

CAD files are provided for architectural or interior design purposes ONLY when CAD files are originally received from customer to do the work under "Custom floor plan design services" or, when "Existing conditions (As-built) survey" services for the space/building in question had been provided by Floorhacker.

Precision in floor plans can only be endorsed when dimension are taken or site had been scanned by Floorhacker directly, 'Custom floor plans design" services provided by Floorhacker and based on PDF files received from customers are intended exclusively for visualization purposes and the equivalent of asking a tailor to design a Tuxedo out of a picture and provide it's dimensions. Floor plans out of PDFs can be highly imprecise and NOT RECOMMENDED for design or construction purposes. If a building has not been measured plans will never reflect real conditions during construction which can result in financial damage and time wasted. 

Legal Disclaimer:
All site plans created by FloorHacker are made exclusively for visualization and/or commencement of design projects and do not involve the determination of any property line, and as such do not constitute land surveying. Client is responsible to notify any discrepancy on drawings at the earliest convenience; FloorHacker will revise drawings and conduct additional site reviews at the company expense if deemed necessary. It is the duty of the architect, contractor, designer or other licensed professional, as a consultant to the client or property owner, to determine the suitability of the As-Built plans and any floor plans provided by floorhacker. In addition, floor plans and services provided by FloorHacker are intended to be used as a reference for design and construction and should not be considered a substitute for the services of a licensed structural engineer or licensed architect and do not constitute the legality or compliance with local building codes or regulations and are not suitable for construction. Measurements should be verified at the field before commencing construction. In the event that an error is found on plans, FloorHacker and its affiliate’s liability is limited to the amount of the fee paid for the service.

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