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1- As built / Existing conditions:

Precision is key to getting a project off on the right foot. We offer our customers this and all the support they need to accomplish whatever they are seeking; their 5-star review exemplifies our commitment to exceeding their expectations. 

2- Floor plans to make spaces you can brag about:

Space planning is our core strength. CONSIDER US THE FLOOR PLAN DOCTORS. 

Customers hire us to identify problems with layouts that could turn into future nightmares or disappointments; this being quite a significant investment that will make your place easy to rent, sell or live in in the years to come, it is money well spent.

We cure dysfunctional circulation, room configuration, and window layouts to make furniture-friendly spaces; and look meticulously at space program, space efficiency, code compliance, constructability, functionality and aesthetics; and have reviewed thousands of floor plans for all types of buildings in the past 20+ years. 


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