About Floorhacker

At Floorhacker, we foster synergy between design and construction teams. Serving as the linchpin, we synchronize the design and construction process from the outset, supporting projects and teams to ensure coordination, prevent field errors, and maintain precision at the heart of every endeavor. Over two decades of multifaceted experience allow us to view projects through the lens of an architect, an owner/developer, a general contractor, a construction manager, and even a builder, diving into the complexities at each level to anticipate conflicts and, most importantly, delays.

Why Floorhacker?

Each trade in construction possesses its unique art and requires specialists to master its intricacies. While the creative essence of each trade is irreplaceable, we believe that the journey of turning concepts into reality can be streamlined, expedited, and sharpened. That's Floorhacker's forte. Whether you're looking to hasten your project, kickstart with detailed existing plans, or extensively explore design options without haste, we're the ally you need. We provide the necessary time and flexibility to ensure well-considered decisions, enhancing your design and construction team's capabilities.

Our Core Services:

🔹 Existing Conditions Building Surveys: Utilize our automated, transparent pricing system to jumpstart your projects. Our efficient, intuitive platform allows you to outline your project, view instant service costs, initiate orders, and schedule site evaluations swiftly. We deliver high-precision floor plans, reflecting our unwavering commitment to accuracy, in both PDF and CAD formats. Visit https://www.floorhacker.com/ to get services started for your project in the next 5 minutes.

🔹 Floor Plan Design: With over two decades of proficiency in design, construction, and construction management, we've covered an expansive range of spaces, from single residences, restaurants, cafes, and offices to event venues, coworking spaces, and multifamily structures. We craft designs that seamlessly integrate functionality, efficiency, aesthetics, constructability, and compliance. And when you're poised to delve deeper into the architectural domain, we'll introduce you to our network of esteemed architects ready to elevate your vision. Contact us for more information: 📞 646-867-8750 | 📧 german@floorhacker.com.

🔹 1-to-1 Online Support Meetings: Need comprehensive guidance? Delve into design and construction nuances backed by our vast experience. We're poised to guide, draft, review, clarify processes, and impart invaluable insights, ensuring your project aligns perfectly with your vision. Connect with us for more information: 📞 646-867-8750 | 📧 german@floorhacker.com.


With Floorhacker, construction transcends brick and mortar; it's the art of crafting a journey where every decision shapes a narrative waiting to be shared.

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