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Got skills and want to enjoy what you do while putting them to work? Bring us the best of what you have to offer, and we’ll bring the jobs to you.

Floorhacker is the catalyst of commercial real estate leasing and renovating services and transactions. We serve building owners, management companies and brokers and agents, and we are rapidly growing. We currently cover over 2 million sq. ft. of commercial real estate space in NYC. Join us to be recognized as an expert in the field and the first choice for customers.

Why customers come to us:

Our fully automated system provides customers with the services they need in just a few clicks so that they can get projects started fast, all while cutting costs and time. Floorhacker provides unparalleled speed, prices, and a variety of skills on-demand.  

Why you should join:

Our on-demand service eliminates the need for calls/emails, proposals, billing and unnecessary meetings. You’ll get jobs, and upon completion of services, the money will be deposited into your bank account.

Current services on-demand:

- 360 Virtual tours with fully interactive floor plans and photography on demand

- Building survey services / Existing conditions (Ultra-precision drawings)

- Office Test Fit / Space planning (Code compliant test fits within 24 hours)

- Loss factor calculation (It takes 2 hrs to get usable areas - USF- for any space)

Services we're working on:

- Space planning for: 

* Healthcare: medical offices, dental facilities, ASCs, clinics, etc.

* Multifamily: individual apartments and schematic layouts for new developments.

* Hospitality: hotels, restaurants, spa's, etc.

* Retail

- 3D modeling and rendering for design approval or marketing

- Cad drafting of filing plans for commercial interior renovations


Mid-level architects with experience surveying buildings  


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