Our goal is to streamline commercial leasing and renovation transactions

We built Floorhacker because we saw profits and budgets getting frequently abbreviated by expensive delays, and believe that that unnecessary waste of resources  can be allocated to design more appealing living/working environments and to support a greater profit potential for landlords and tenants. 


Every penny counts!

In real estate each day of delays shrink budgets and profits by thousands of dollars


Why we are different?

We reduce cost of operations for everyone and can get jobs done at speed no-other can. Simply put, we are faster, cheaper and better. 

Automated pricing and coordination: Upfront pricing transparency, no more waiting and basically autopilot for services, Bada Bing, Bada Boom

We cut the time to get services by 50%: No need for proposals, email/phone coordination or billing means lower prices without hurting anyone.

We outperform any competition: instead of trying to do too many things correct, our niche experts focus on one or two services; think of it like specialty chefs.


What is the value for you?

  • You click to get services while your competition is trying to figure it out
  • No more coordination means more time to focus on opportunities
  • One day we save you is one day closer to close a deal or collect rent
  • Get access to even lower cost though volume transactions

The whole process is done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter project zip code and rentable area to get upfront base cost
  2. Click to describe project characteristics / scope of work and get the final cost
  3. Upload CAD or PDF files (when required) or check out to place order