We believe that a good start in construction has a positive impact on efficiency, timelines and budget; understanding the construction cycle, workflows and required sequencing takes skill and experience.

The pre-construction phase is arguably the most overlooked process in construction and where most problems originate due to mistaken, incomplete or poorly coordinated steps; the consequences of these are conflicts between trades, delays, change orders, cost overruns, and tons of frustration.

Floorhacker was founded by experienced Design, Construction, Technology and Business strategists who have worked side-by-side with design teams and construction teams for 25+ years. Our vision is to simplify the construction process and help owners give their projects an efficient start.

Every milestone in construction sets the stage for the success of the next one. However, when mistakes happen the burden is taken by the next trade and makes their work more difficult. The secret of success in construction is to start on the right foot: set clear expectations, pay meticulous attention to precision, compliance, coordination between trades and constructibility; monitor progress, and stay on top of every step.

Construction managers and pre-construction staff spend every day and work extra hours and weekends to make sure nothing is overlooked. Owners who believe they can cut corners, manage a construction project without understanding it, and overlook this critical requirement pay the price in frustration, delays, and over-budget costs.

Consider us your copilot! The services offered by Floorhacker are designed to aid owners in understanding the pre-construction process; to make sure they understand, set parameters, and set the proper groundwork to avoid pitfalls and provide their projects with the maximum chance of success.


1-to-1 online live floor plan design / review: use this service to design your plans in real time aided by experienced industry experts; or to have a second set of eyes review plans you are not 100% sure about. 

1-to-1 online Pre-construction aid: book real time meetings as needed to support your understanding and get clarification of the pre-construction process; from clarifying objectives to defining bid packages, bid leveling and sourcing suppliers.

Existing condition surveys: if you consider precision a priority, it must start here. Most of our customers are referred by high-end architects, interior designers and savvy developers who understand the financial and time implications of imprecision. We take this responsibility seriously and pay meticulous attention to ensure all structural and architectural components are accounted for including wall thicknesses, relationship between grade and all floor levels, window/door size and locations, roof pitches, angled or curved walls, etc. we have measured all type of building with high level of detail. 

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